Sep 14 • 34M

Episode 8: Storycrafting: awareness building and seduction.

A conversation with Christian Riedel

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Stephanie Bachmair
Iina Santamäki
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In this episode, Stephanie Bachmair is having a conversation with Christian Riedel about story crafting. 

They explore 
- why and how stories not only matter on the outside but also inside organizations. 
- how the creative process to craft stories is about awareness building which matters so much in today´s leadership skill set. 
- different roles like the artist, leader, and entrepreneur and how those roles sometimes support and sometimes struggle with each other. 
 - seduction as a main feature of story versus manipulation, the shadow side of it
- and how they define their personal ethics to cope with it. 

Christian Riedel develops and writes narratives for organizations, brands, and sometimes television. As a consultant for business storytelling & strategy, he supports leadership teams to envision growth and inspire action through storytelling.

Stephanie Bachmair is the founder of B.ONFIRE. She is also a process work diplomate and executive coach/facilitator. Stephanie is working in the organizational field with a focus on transformational leadership. She has deep communication expertise, is researching and lecturing Transformational Storytelling, and is a change catalyst thanks to her process work facilitation skills.

Pioneer Spirit and Mainstream Thoughts podcast is about transformational leadership/entrepreneurship, communication, and co-creation. 

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