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I'm thinking about the false dichotomy between working for money and being creative. I want to explore this because otherwise I just end up giving myself a hard time and feeling regretful about not following my creative spark enough. I want to back myself for my decisions to 'work for money', because it is much more than just working for money. I rarely have ever just 'worked for money', but when I have, it has been for a goal that was worth a little suffering! And I don't want to pretend that I don't need money. But taking jobs has been more about the certainty of regular money while doing something worthwhile, in a structured and supported way. I feel I need to be more humble and accepting about my need for that.

I have struggled to make a living from my creativity, though I also feel that I live my creativity in everything I do. But there is still a fire burning in me to bring some creative projects to life that have not yet seen the light of day. I see that I don't need to drop everything, throw certainty of income away to do these. I can look to other reasons why I don't do them, procrastination and fear being number one!! Maybe one day, when I have given them legs, I will learn how to bring them out more fully, and perhaps they will bring me some income. Perhaps generosity has to start with me being more generous to all these different parts of myself.

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