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Episode 5. Fluidity, seasons and cycles

Episode 5. Fluidity, seasons and cycles

In this episode, Stephanie talks about seasons - how they occur in different ways around us and within us. The importance of fluidity between different phases & qualities like intro and extroversion.

"We often think every day should be the same, every day we should be able to perform the same way. I think it´s a bit mainstream culture that we should be in summer mode every day. Getting more sensitive or aware of what is actually happening around us (and within us) is crucial."

This is the fifth episode of the podcast ‚Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts‘. A podcast about transformational leadership/entrepreneurship, communication, and co-creation. 

In this episode, Stephanie Bachmair talks about seasons and cycles and how they occur in different ways around us and within us. She talks about the importance of getting more fluid between different phases and qualities, like introversion and extroversion. The feminine cycle, and how it could or should be present in our daily and collective life. 

In the second part, she invites b-onfire collaborator, Iina Santamäki, to share her perspective on cycles and seasons. Iina shares her experience and understanding of the feminine cycle and how it mirrors the seasons in nature.  

This episode is about:

  • Each day has its own atmospheric qualities. Do you ever feel that the day has a different quality than what you have? Do you ever feel that the day is faster or slower than you are? 

  • How to find a dance between different qualities that are present in projects, relationships, and different situations

  • The different structures of time – Kronos and Kairos 

  • The importance of completing each cycle/season before jumping on to the next one

  • Reflecting on how every season has its own beauty and its own place

  • Our collective tendency to move forward (with a project) before harvesting and celebrating 

  • The feminine cycle – generational differences and it still being a taboo 

  • Awareness around cycles – checking in to see how we feel in each moment rather than letting any quality/cycle to override

Stephanie Bachmair is the founder of B.ONFIRE. She is also a process work diplomate and executive coach/facilitator. Stephanie is working in the organizational field with a focus on transformational leadership. She has deep communication expertise, is researching and lecturing Transformational Storytelling, and is a change catalyst thanks to her process work facilitation skills. 

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