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Apr 24, 2022Liked by Stephanie Bachmair

This story touched me deeply when you told it, Steph ... Partially for sure because I know Anna too ... Partially also because I personally know how transformative anger can be ... and yet how dangerous it can also be for me while being angry and for the world around me. I reconnect to a group process in Paris where we touched the topic of revolution - in France and also in other parts of the world like Ukraine. Also being sad about the pain, death and destruction it also causes. I wish there was another way to stand in for our own values. A different one than fighting and being hurt. Writing this I realize there is one ... on the far end of the horizon. It seems as if space places need to show up. Like arenas where these inner revolutions can be fought out in a safe space. And then the engineer says: Yeah, let‘s just do it.

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